Colloidal Silver Stories

Here's my Colloidal Silver story. A number of years ago I had a multiple root cannel done on one of my molars due to an abscess under it. When the doctor was done he told me that I had a 50/50 chance that it would reoccur. He also told me that if it did reoccur I had two options, pull it or go in surgically through the jaw to get to the problem.

Well 4 years later it did reoccur. To say the least I was in agony. I was also on a long trip and didn't want to have to go to a dentist. When I had embarked on the trip I had picked up two eight ounce bottles of Colloidal Silver from an aunt. I had put them in my suitcase and promptly forgot about them. About two days after the problem began I remembered the silver. I began to take about 1/2 oz. every 1/4 hour. I found that if I held the solution in the area of the problem for a few minuets and then swallowed it that the pain would subside for an hour or so. As time went by the periods of relief became longer and longer. After five days the pain had totally gone away, and I had no problems for over a year, then I knew what to do. Since then it has not reoccurred. I have also used it for sore throats and colds as well as a number of other problems with excellent results.
Arlen Davis

"A 65-year-old diabetic cut himself on the leg. He washed and bandaged it but, as often happens with diabetes, the pain persisted, and the cut grew into a sore. Soon it became bigger than the bandage, and he had to apply a dressing. Still, it grew bigger and uglier. In desperation he went to a clinic. His sore was diagnosed as a 'stasis ulcer.' For a year, one treatment after another was tried. Nothing, including penicillin and sulfonamide, could heal the ulcer. If his condition had continued unchecked, his leg probably would have been amputated. But finally he was referred to a clinic that treated skin ulcers with a silver compound. This promptly stopped the growth of all bacteria. In less than two months, the ulcer was completely healed."
-Science Digest-March 1978

Dr. Henry Crooks (Use of Colloids in Health-Disease) found that silver in the colloidal state is highly germicidal, quite harmless to humans and absolutely non-toxic. From his bacteriological experiments with silver he concluded, "I know of no microbe that is not killed in laboratory experiments in six minutes."

Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, of the Larolinska Institute, Sweden, has successfully used silver as a component in his cancer treatments for many years.

"I notice a boost in energy and a positive cheerful mood change after taking as a drink. But the most remarkable change I have noticed is in using the undiluted, regular strength colloidal drops as an eye rinse twice daily. I use an eye dropper and put several drops in morning and evening. The first 2 days, my eyes stung slightly, and in the morning I woke up with a slight discharge in the corners of my eyes. After that my eyes, which were always blood-shot from years of adverse reactions from wearing contact lenses, with harsh chemicals, and having eye infections, which prescriptions didn't solve, suddenly were snowy white! I didn't think that a 46 year old lady could have snowy white eyes after the problems I had. They are like a healthy young child's! I decided to store my lenses in colloidal silver!! I use 1/2 of the soaking solution, and 1/2 distilled water. To that I add 3 drops of colloidal silver and SHAKE. To my amazement-the solution is so gentle-I have no sore eyes anymore! And one other added blessing. There was a pair of lenses that I could not wear. They had apparently become infected with bacteria. I was going to throw them out. After soaking in my special preparation, they are back to normal. I have saved a pair of lenses that were only 4 months old! Thanks to colloidal silver!

One added addendum! My recessed gums are back to normal, since rinsing with colloidal silver! They are no longer red, but a paler healthy pink. I couldn't recognize them. I not only rinse, gargle, add drops with a dropper-but there is no more mouth wash for me! Yes, you guessed it. I use the colloidal silver. I am having so much fun, feeling so clean, and at a fraction of the cost!!
G.W., British Columbia

"I am currently visiting my Granny. She has a colloidal silver machine. I have always had trouble with itchy, red eyes that swell periodically. The doctor would give me antibiotic drops for them which didn't seem to heal them much faster than if I'd just left then alone.

When I first arrived at Granny's one week ago I woke up with infected, swollen eyes. The infection was so bad that it spread to the left side of my nose which was swollen and hurt to touch. It was my friend's birthday party in two days. I knew from past experience that it would take a week or two to heal! I was desperate so I decided to try my Granny's colloidal silver. I sipped the liquid slowly running it through my teeth and under my tongue. After drinking 8 ounces I got a warm, almost tingly feeling in my mouth, throat, and stomach. I then soaked a large cotton ball in it and taped it to the worst part of the infection, the side of the nose and eye. I put 3 drops in each eye every 40 minutes and made sure the cotton ball stayed wet. After one hour I noticed my eyes were already less swollen. After two hours my eyes appeared normal which shocked me. I peeled the bandage back and to my surprise the swelling was gone. I looked normal. What only two hours before seemed like a disaster was now turned around thanks to colloidal silver. I went to the party with bells on!
V.W., B.C.