Making Colloidal Silver

There are basically two different ways of producing colloidal silver using electrolysis.
A. Using distilled water and a saline solution.
B. Using distilled water only.

Pros and cons of using a saline solution in distilled water:

1. It takes less time. It takes about 6 minutes to make 5 parts per million (ppm), the preferred concentration.

1. Pure sea salt must be carefully mixed into distilled water to make a saline solution before it can be used.

2. During the electrolysis process, the salt in the water combines with the silver and produces silver chloride. Silver chloride is toxic, but the amount produced is so small it is considered to be non toxic. (I question this.)

3. If table salt, which has chemical additives such as iodine, is used (by mistake) instead of sea salt, the iodine in it becomes toxic during the process. The other additives may also become toxic.

4. If not watched carefully it can go beyond 10 ppm very quickly and turn gray, brown or black making the solution useless for internal use.

5. The solution is not pure Colloidal Silver. There is now silver chloride and salt in it.

6. When the process is sped up by increasing the conductivity of the water with salt, thus increasing current flow, the particles of silver are larger. These large particles may be large enough to become lodged in the body tissues, one being the skin, turning them a gray blue color, a condition called argyria. This condition is harmless but may not be aesthetically acceptable.

Pros and cons of using distilled water only:

1. The solution is pure Colloidal Silver. It is made up of only pure silver and pure distilled water. There are no toxic substances in it.

2. Since it takes a long time (about 1 hour) to make 5-9 ppm, there is very little chance that it will go beyond that point, and become useless for internal use. 5 ppm has been shown to be the ideal concentration of silver.

3. Because the conductivity of distilled water is very low, current flow is very small and this produces very small silver particles (the smaller the particles the better). The process can't even be seen until it is well beyond the 5 ppm point. And even then the action is very small. (My Colloidal Silver Generator is designed so as to limit the current flow even further to get the smallest possible particle size.)

4. The silver particles also have ample time to disperse evenly into the water.

5. Even if you forget and leave your generator on for 10 to 15 minutes beyond an hour there is usually no harm done.

1. It takes about 30-40 minutes to make the preferred concentration of 5 ppm and about 1 hour to make 10 ppm.

Conclusion: Using pure, distilled water without any additives is superior to using a saline solution in the water. I recommend the second method, using only pure, distilled water. Even though it takes longer, I believe that the resulting Colloidal Silver our generators produce is superior and safer to use than products made any other way.