Colloidal Silver - Natural Antibiotic

Colloidal Silver

My Colloidal Silver Generators are totally self-contained

The kit comes with complete operating instructions as well as suggestions on how to use Colloidal Silver.

They can give you
Worry-free traveling!

They are designed to be simple, durable, versatile,
as well as long lasting.

The batteries we use have a three year shelf life.

Along with the Generator kit, the only things needed are distilled water, a 12 oz. glass, and an 8 oz. bottle to store the Colloidal Silver in.

The unit is only 4½" long, 2½" wide, and 1¼" deep, pocket-sized!

My unit uses the Electro-colloidal* manufacturing method to create Colloidal Silver.

Each kit will make about 100 gallons of Colloidal Silver...

If you make 8 oz. of Colloidal Silver a week, the silver wire should last for about three years.

If you make less, it could last even longer.

* The electro-colloidal manufacturing process is generally considered to be the superior method of making colloidal silver