This seminar has opened our eyes to changes we needed to make in our personal lives and has been a wonderful blessing in our marriage. We believe everyone can benefit from this seminar. -Pastor and Mrs. Edward Dunn, Vice President, Alaska Conference of S.D.A.

I would like to see every church member attend this seminar. It would go a long way toward making healthy churches and homes. It facilitates the Holy Spirit's changing power in our lives in preparation for Christ's soon return." -Pastor Wayne Kablanow, Hayden SDA Church, Idaho

Thank you so much for a very spiritual and "daily living" weekend. The transparency you display as you weave your story into what you've learned and what you'd like to teach, touched me deeply. It was a weekend well spent for me. My husband made a similar comment. Thank you. -RS

I grew up in a home with physical and verbal abuse, then became homeless and unwanted. I learned to write people off if they didn't like what I did. Jesus used the things I learned from this seminar to show His love and acceptance and how I can have meaningful relationships and love for others. -NU

Learning to keep the "circle of my life" clean has been the greatest blessing to me. I have freedom in my relationships at work, where before I carried the resentment all day long, then would confess it at night-but get it back all the next day, just to repeat the confessing. Now I can be free from resentment all day long. Thank you so much. -SC

I had been struggling with a number of fears in my life for quite awhile. The seminar gave me the tools to face them by God's grace. I took some time to take my fears to God and now I have peace. -SM

I've tried for years to get over my struggle with depression and pain from an abusive childhood, but after attending your seminar, I was able to forgive my parents and let go of the past and be free from the terrible weight I'd been carrying around. -UN

The anecdotes you shared were illuminating and taught me how to do what God wants from me. Also, I appreciated the fact that you two have experienced this life-changing process, so we could see practically that it really works. -LS

When I attended your seminar and you talked about that I needed to be the first to change, I said to myself, "I am not going to be the first to change in my marriage.." But the Holy Spirit got a hold of me and I have come to see that I'm the one that needs to change. I am going to take the steps by God's grace. -PR

My life is changed. I was able to face the person who was abusive to me and tell them I forgave them and was no longer going to carry their anger in myself. I was set free! Thank you so much for sharing. -MS

I put into practice what you shared about forgiveness. My husband said something unkind which really hurt me, but this time I forgave him from my heart, instead of just words. The next morning I was able to prepare his favorite breakfast freely with no lingering feelings of resentment or the thought that he didn't deserve my kindness. -VM

Last night, after your seminar, I went off by myself and fully forgave my ex-wife for leaving me and for all the pain she caused me. A great burden lifted from my heart. Thank you for helping me see how I could forgive. -PE

Through your seminar I have changed so much. In the past when my husband yelled at me, I'd get in his face and yell back. I learned not react in anger to my husband when he is angry with me, but with a quiet and loving attitude. It has taken time, but my husband noticed the changes in me and is changing himself. -CT

I came to your seminar just to support others who were attending. But you were both so open about the problems you've faced and how you worked through them, as well as being so non-defensiveness with each other, that it helped me to see myself and to deal with some issues I needed to in my life. We are all so blessed that you came. Our church really needed this. -MG