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Daniel and Lorna Dreher looked good to people on the outside, who saw them involved with church leadership and outreach, with a happy marriage and two lovely children. But inside their home was often a different story. Lorna struggled with haunting doubts of God's love and acceptance of her, with an incredible need to be "good enough" and for Daniel to be the same. Daniel, who grew up in an abusive home, with strong feelings of rejection, reacted to her perfectionsism. Barriers of bitterness and pain grew up between them.

In the Breaking Down the Barriers Seminar, Daniel and Lorna share the joy and relief of discovering, after years of painful struggle, how to break down the barriers in their relationship with God and with each other and how you can too!

They share how the Bible has a cure and not just relief for our sins and troubles--how to get from just "head" knowledge to real heart experience. In six sessions they will share:

What the barriers are that keep us from a real experience with God
Why we don’t deal with these barriers
How to break the barriers down using God’s Word
How to keep them down—all by God’s incredible grace

Then God's love can flow into us and through us to others.


This seminar has opened our eyes to changes we needed to make in our personal lives and has been a wonderful blessing in our marriage. We believe everyone can benefit from this seminar.—Pastor and Mrs. Edward Dunn, Vice President, Alaska Conference of SDA

Thank you so much for a very spiritual and “daily living” weekend. The transparency you display as you weave your story into what you’ve learned and what you’d like to teach, touched me deeply. It was a weekend well spent for me. My husband made a similar comment. Thank you.—RS

My life is changed. I was able to face the person who was abusive to me and tell them I forgave them and was no longer going to carry their anger in myself. I was set free! Thank you so much for sharing.—MS

Last night, after your seminar, I went off by myself and fully forgave my ex-wife for leaving me and for all the pain she caused me. A great burden lifted from my heart. Thank you for helping me see how I could forgive.—PE

I would like to see every church member attend this seminar. It would go a long way toward making healthy churches and homes. It facilitates the Holy Spirit's changing power in our lives in preparation for Christ's soon return."—Pastor Wayne Kablanow, Hayden SDA Church, Idaho


Daniel and Lorna Dreher, who have been married since 1981, have been sharing this seminar since 2004. Daniel, a naturopathic doctor, and his wife, Lorna, are members of the Athol Seventh-day Adventist Church in Idaho where the two of them are Family Life directors and Daniel is a church elder.